8. The Struggles of the Endangered

As climate change becomes a more present reality and the planet grows more populous, the struggle to save many endangered animal species has become increasingly more difficult. Scientists believe that there have been five major extinctions in the planet’s history and the present day seems to be the sixth extinction. However, the difference between this wave and previous ones is that it is not caused by volcanoes or asteroids, but rather the mismanagement of the human population.

One of the most difficult elements of (more…)

7.What Endangered Species Do For Us

Unfortunately, many of the actions of man have led to the extinction of a number of animal species. Even now, countless animals are on the endangered species list, and more animals are being added to the list each year. Some may wonder why there is such an effort to save endangered species. What does it have to do with us?

All of life is bound together in a relationship. The removal of one animal, bird or fish species from an ecosystem can have harmful effects for an ecosystem as a (more…)

6.How We Can Help Endangered Species

Want to live a greener life? You can easily help endangered species from the comfort of your own home town.

1. Learn what endangered species are in your immediate area. By knowing what animals you live near, you can educate other people about the realities of where you live.

2. Volunteer at an area park, zoo, wildlife center or other type of natural habitat. One of the best ways to help endangered species is to protect where they live.The whole story can be found at July 2013 May 2013 March 2013 June 2012 May 2012